Buy Belbien is an online pharmacy that provides swift, reliable, discreet, and guaranteed delivery to customers in the USA. After you have placed an order from our online website, you will be prompted to select one of the shipping methods available for your location. Buy Belbien will subsequently send a confirmation email within 24-48 hours, indicating that your order has been verified and is ready for dispatch.

The exact delivery time depends on the precise location and region of the customer. Customers in the USA typically receive their medicines within 2-4 days, whereas someone living in outer locations can expect delivery in 4-7 working days. Delivery is prompt, barring any unexpected circumstances beyond our control.

Cost of Delivery 

To determine the cost of delivery, simply review your cart and checkout. The cost of delivery will always be quoted when you place the order. Please ensure that the details offered by you are complete and accurate as we cannot be held liable for a compromised order if we get incorrect information. We reserve the right to withhold any order if there are duplicate orders for one customer.

Delivery Process

All products on our website are available to deliver at your end. Our delivery team is quite professional and works with high dedication to deliver your orders within 24 hours of receipt. Once our delivery team processes your order, you get an email informing you that your order is confirmed, processed, and ready to dispatch.

If your order has not arrived on time, you may contact Customer Service at any stage via the platform’s Contact-us page. For urgent queries, Live Chat is available 24/7.

Important Considerations

All customers of Buy Belbien must understand that delivery is subject to the time of the year. Like, an order placed during the holidays may not arrive within the specified period. In such circumstances, we will notify the customers about any possible delay and will periodically update them on the status of their order.

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